Lake Swamp Mitigation Bank


Lake Swamp Mitigation Bank is found in Flagler County, Florida. The bank site is more or less 1,890 sections of land and is spotted inside the Halifax River Drainage Basin. Huge natural surroundings inside the venture site is suitable for: the Florida dark bear, Sherman’s fox squirrel, Eastern indigo snake, Bald Eagle, Wood stork, American gator, and in addition an impressive wading winged animal inhabitant total and different different warm blooded animals and reptiles.

An extensive partition of Lake Swamp it placed on the property, and additionally to the north, and the larger part of the on location wetlands are connected with this hydrologic characteristic. The bog rushes into Groover Branch, which rushes into the Little Tomoka River, an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW).


Generally, this site was utilized for silviculture and horticulture purposes. Cypress, pines, and hardwoods were collected for timber and scene updates were made to guarantee great timber creation. Combative utilize of seepage and “padding” changed over the sum of the uplands and an imposing partition of the wetlands to pine estate.

The objective of the hydrologic improvement exercises will be to restore the common hydrology, incorporating: longer times of ponding in deeper wetlands, for the most part longer hydroperiod, and better water maintenance over the site. Restoration of hydrology will incorporate the halfway evacuation of the system of trail ways, trench evacuation, and cross-cutting of fooled around with wetlands that match evaluations and guarantee no unnatural runoff happens. Trail streets kept up for support of the property will incorporate level water intersections to consider more characteristic surface rush of water.

A colorful and nuisance plant and creature annihilation project will be brought about too.

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